History of Zhongxing New Village

In 1956, Taiwan provincial government relocated to Zhongxing New Village from Taipei. Zhongxing New Village was the very first urban plan implemented by Republic of China (R.O.C) government in Taiwan, which was built based on the concept of “British New Town” complex. The overall planning was architected with “neighborhood unit” (which centers schools, markets or parks) and “low-density development” (which is based on the need of air raid evacuation).

In the village, most were low-rise buildings with well-managed public space and abundant green space, creating a one-of-a-kind model of new towns in Taiwan. Taiwan provincial government supervised and managed all levels (county, city and town) of administrative affairs, thus empowering the offices under the government with provincial-level administrative power and status. Over a 50-year period from 1945 to 1998, the provincial government had witnessed the evolution of politics, economy, society and culture in Taiwan.

After the downscale of provincial government and power transfer in 1998, the civil servants and staff worked under the administration were greatly downsized, which caused local population rapidly declined. The following devastating 921 earthquake happened in 1999 was another huge blow, in which most buildings collapsed and resulted in many casualties. Since then, the once hustling and bustling village became more and more desolated and quiet. In the face of this cataclysm, villagers of Zhongxing New Village rest their hopes on finding a new direction and are waiting for the day to transform gorgeously.


Location of Zhongxing New Village

How to get to Zhongxing New Village

Driving to Zhongxing New Village:

(1) Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National freeway 1): Exit from Wangtian System Interchange >> Drive southbound and pass Dadu Bridge >> Connect to Provincial Highway 14C then Provincial Highway 14 >> To Fenyuan and pass Limin Bridge >> Turn right to connect to Provincial Highway 14B >> Zhongxing New Village

(2) Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National freeway 1): Exit from Yuanlin System Interchange >> Connect to County Highway 148 >> Drive eastbound toward Caotun through Yuanlin >> Pass Xitou Bridge >> Turn right to connect to Provincial Highway 14B >> Zhongxing New Village

(3) National Freeway 3: Exit at the Zhongxing System Interchange >> Turn right on Shengfu Rd. >> Zhongxing New Village

Taking Public Transportation:

(1) From Taichung: Take Kuo-Kuang Bus that heads to Zhongxing New Village, Taiwan Provincial Training Corps, Nantou, Shuili >> Get off at Zhongxing New Village Stop

(2) From Changhua: Take CHANG HUA BUS that heads to Nantou City >> Get off at Zhongxing New Village Stop

(3) From Taichung City: Go to Luchuan East Street >> Take jointly operated bus that heads to Chiayi and Zhushan >> Get off at Zhongxing New Village Stop